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Могла ли состояться украинская гражданская нация? Да, могла бы, если бы в ней не было фашистского компонента. Присутствуя в ней с самого начала как становой хребет, он закономерно привел её к быстрому и полному краху. Всюду, куда приходят "защитники" "единой Украины" всё просходит по одному сценарию:

The Guardian с места событий в Мариуполе:

"We will never live with these filthy fascists again. . Ukraine as a country is over," said Vladimir, 27. "Imagine coming here on Victory Day and doing this."

At Café Arbat, where pools of blood were visible on the ground, one of the waitresses, Lena, said that three unarmed men had been shot by Ukrainian soldiers.

"I wasn't for one side or the other until today, but after seeing this, I have the feeling I want to take up a weapon myself and kill these people," she said.

"I'm 50 years old and they made me fall on the ground and hide from bullets, in my own cafe, in my own town."


"This is awful of course, all this drinking, and low-cultured behaviour," said Nina Tuvayeva, a pensioner looking on. "I'm against all of this, and I wanted a united Ukraine, a country that would be like Switzerland or Belgium, but they don't want that, so now our only hope is Russia. Ukraine is over."

Всё, антимидасы, не будет ни Швейцарии, ни Бельгии. Всё, чего вы касаетесь, превращается в кровь и пепел.
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