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Опасения черного властелина

Ослабление российской экономики угрожает Соединённым Штатам. Такое заявление сделал президент США Барак Обама.

«Это плохо для России. И по прошествии времени это негативно скажется на Соединённых Штатах. Если в России будет продолжаться кризис, есть опасения, что они возвратятся к старым идеям об экспансии, которые не должны существовать в XXI веке», — сообщил глава Белого дома в интервью изданию BuzzFeed.

Иными словами, цель плана кампании на Украине - быстро задавить Владимира Владимировича, не допуская социалистической революции. Оранжевым - да, красным - нет.

В свете данного признания левые замайданцы выглядят совсем уж непристойно.

UPD. Оригинал еще более красноречив:

BuzzFeed News: Moving on to Russia. You started this presidency with a very productive relationship with President Medvedev and the relations are now probably at their worst since the Cold War. How much of that do you ascribe to Vladimir Putin’s character?

Obama: You know, I don’t want to psychoanalyze Mr. Putin. I will say that he has a foot very much in the Soviet past. That’s how he came of age. He ran the KGB. Those were his formative experiences. So I think he looks at problems through this Cold War lens, and, as a consequence, I think he’s missed some opportunities for Russia to diversify its economy, to strengthen its relationship with its neighbors, to represent something different than the old Soviet-style aggression. You know, I continue to hold out the prospect of Russia taking a diplomatic offering from what they’ve done in Ukraine. I think, to their credit, they’ve been able to compartmentalize and continue to work with us on issues like Iran’s nuclear program. But, if you look at what’s happened to the Russian economy, even before oil prices collapsed, it is not an economy that’s built for the 21st century. Unfortunately, those forces for modernization inside of Russia, I think, have been sidelined. That’s bad for Russia and, over time, it’s bad for the United States, because if Russia is doing badly, the concern is that they revert to old expansionist ideas that really shouldn’t have any application in the 21st century.
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